Residential concrete raising, or concrete leveling is what we do every day. There is such satisfaction with this job in knowing that we have saved a homeowner client money and time by giving them the option of raising their concrete instead of replacing it.

Residential Concrete Raising Pros Process

Sunken garage slab
Sunken garage floor needing to be raised.

First, when you call us to help with with raising your concrete in and around Arvada, CO, we will come out to your home and give a free estimate.

Many homeowners and even business owners are pleased and surprised that they can have their concrete perfectly aligned again in a matter of minutes and for far less than it would be to replace it.

After we’ve come out for your assessment, we will answer any questions you have and will leave you with a quote of what it will cost to get your concrete stabilized.

Once you hire us to complete your concrete raising job on your home, we will schedule a time when it works with your schedule for us to come back out and complete the job.

The process that we use is simple.

What Residential Concrete Raising We Do

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Even Foundations

Step by Step Process

  1. First we drill small holes (5/8th inch) into the concrete slab that has sunk and requires lifting. And we make sure to drill the least amount of holes possible.
  2. Next we pump our industry leading polyurethane foam down into the surface below the concrete slab. This foam is the best because it is light weight, eco friendly, and 95% hydrophobic which means it blocks out water. It will never decompose, decompress and is so strong it is the only foam approved to lift an airport runway. Once injected into the slab, the foam begins to expand, filling the space underneath the concrete slab, and the slab itself works to drive the foam into all the crevices. This will lift the concrete back to it’s original position.
  3. Once the foam has been pumped into your soil surface and the concrete slab has been raised back to it original alignment, we patch the holes and the surface is ready to used, played on, or driven on that same day. This foam material will never lose its density, its permanent, and only weighs about 2lbs. per cubic foot.
Concrete raising is faster, cleaner, and easier than replacing
Why not raise it instead of replacing?
concrete raising can be done in one day and walked on or driven on same day
Foam lifted concrete is ready to use immediately

Important Reasons To Raise Your Concrete Slab

Safety. If your concrete is uneven it can be a trip hazard for you and your family and opens up your property to potential unwanted liability.

Cost. Raising or leveling your concrete will be less than 1/2 the cost of replacing it.

Time. The sunken slab will only get worse over time so fix it now and avoid having to do it later. The whole process as described above of raising the concrete with polyurethane foam typically only takes a couple hours and the structure is ready almost immediately after our work is completed.

Appearance. Cracked or sunken concrete is not pretty to look at and can really be an eyesore on your property.

Home Value. If you are thinking of selling your home, keep in mind that first appearances are everything to a new homebuyer and sunken concrete can be a negative first impression.

Structural damage. If a concrete slab is settled, it can effect other parts of the home. Doors and windows begin to stick and other structures connected to it will also start to settle and crack.

Water Damage. Water runs down hill and follows the path of least resistance. If you do not take care of a sunken driveway or other concrete surface in a reasonable amount of time, you may end up paying a considerably higher amount of money in foundation repairs in the future.

Be Green. Your current slab will avoid being torn out and deposited into a landfill if you raise the slab instead of replace it. And with the polyurethane foam we use, it is the greenest and cleanest foam on the market today.

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