Municiplal and D.O.T. concrete raising is another area where Premier Concrete Raising Pros are the go-to for any government, municipal, or D.O.T. concrete raising project. Since the majority of roads and public spaces in and around the Arvada, CO and surrounding areas are owned by the people and taken care of by the government, it makes sense to save time and money on concrete repairs. Costs to repair and raise the concrete can be half the costs of replacing.

We are experts in repairing roads, streets, highways, bridges, curbs and gutters, city sidewalks, school grounds, city parks and government owned airport runways. All of which are managed by the government.

If you are a city official and want to get an estimate on concrete raising that will save your city or municipality money and time with raising that sunken concrete instead of replacing it, give us a call today.

Roads, Streets, And Highways Concrete Raising

Over time, roads, streets, and highways may settle, crack, or move and need some repair work done. When you call Premier Concrete Raising Pros, we can come out and take a look and give you the best information on how to proceed with raising and repairing.

Depending on the size of the project, we can come out and drill small holes, pump the foam in, raise the street or road, and have the public driving on it that same day or the very next day.

 concrete raising for roads
We love repairing roads, streets, and highways of sunken concrete

Bridge Approaches

If a bridge approach is cracked or mis-aligned, it could cause damage to cars and could be a safety hazard as well. Raise that bridge approach that has sunk and make it a smooth ride for all that go over it.

As long as the bridge approach is not too damanged, we can help do something about it. And the sooner you get it looked at and fixed, the better and more cost savings there will be. Let Premier Concrete Raising Pros of Arvada, CO, give you an estimate and help level out any bridge approaches that have sunk or settled.

Curbs And Gutters

Municipal and DOT concrete raising for curbs

Curbs and gutters that fall under the municipality or D.O.T. responsibility can be raised instead of replaced. Since curbs and gutters are all about drainage, if there is a problem with either, there could be end up being a bigger problem if not addressed. Poor drainage can cause soil instability by creating saturated soils.

Once this happens, the slab can settle you could have a problem in an entire area. Get it repaired sooner rather than later to save your town or city 3-5 times the amount it takes to replace that sunken or cracked curb or gutter. Contact us at Premier Concrete Raising Pros today. We can help before the problem gets out a hand.

concrete raising for city gutters

Sidewalk Projects

Call us now with your Arvada city sidewalk project that needs to be done. Sidewalks can buckle do to tree roots growing close to them. They can also crack over time in inclement weather or settle do to poor drainage. When this happens it can cause a tripping safety hazard for those walking or running on it.

Don’t replace the sidewalk concrete if you don’t have to. We can come and drill small holes into the sidewalk area, pump in our polyurethane foam which will raise the concrete back to being aligned.

No need to open up the municipality to unnecessary liability. Get it repaired by raising it right away.

Municipal and DOT concrete raising for City sidewalks
Sidewalks are not a problem for us to lift back to level

School Grounds

Municipal and DOT concrete raising for schools
Concrete Raising on school grounds

Keeping our Arvada school grounds safe and secure for the kids that attend all during the school year is a priority for any city official. So, when you have sidewalks, parking lots, or other concrete slab surfaces that have cracked or sunk on school grounds, call the experts at Premier Concrete Raising Pros.

We can get you an estimate and get your school grounds project on the schedule and make sure there are not any tripping hazards on the sidewalks or uneven surfaces near the foundation of the school building.

City Parks

Most city parks in Arvada and Denver have concrete sidewalks, concrete slabs, and parking lots. All of which may have had some settling, cracking, or buckling. Instead of ripping up all that concrete and putting it in a landfill somewhere, get it lifted back to being at it’s original level.

You will save the city time and money by getting a concrete raising quote, instead of replacing it all. No matter how big or small your concrete raising job is, we’d love to be able to assist you with it. Please fill out the contact form above and to the right to get connected to our office.

Municipal concrete raising for city parks

Government Owned Airports

In the event that you are the leader of a government owned airport and your runways are seeing some wear and tear from all the use and flights coming and going, call us to see how we can help with raising your runways.

We have the ability to raise an airport runway because of the superior polyurethane foam that we use. It’s not like everyone else’s and it’s certainly better than mud jacking. It’s so strong, it’s approved and strong enough to raise an airport runway.

Raising concrete is always faster, cleaner, and easier than replacing it. Let us show you!

concrete raising for airport runways