When you need the best concrete contractors in Arvada, CO, turn to Premier Concrete Raising Pros. Along with raising or lifting concrete slabs, we can help you with your concrete driveway or other flatwork project.

Our local and knowledgeable concrete raising specialists can be out to your home to give a free no hassle quote in a flash. Once you decide to go with us as your concrete repair professionals, we will come out to your home and get the job done in as little as a day.

Whether you are needing a new driveway or patio concrete slab poured, or a slab in your garage or basement floor lifted back to level, we can help.

You want to make sure you use the best when choosing a concrete contractor in Arvada and we strive to be the best. Evidence of this is the polyurethane foam that we use when raising concrete slabs. We use only the best. It’s made from recycled materials, it is safe for the environment, and is 95% hydrophobic so it repels water.

Because we use the best foam on the market compared to mud-jacking clay, we are able to drill the smallest holes possible when raising a slab. This means you won’t be left with an eyesore after we are done where your nosy neighbors will see that you had some work done.

Concrete Flatwork in Arvada CO

When choosing who to help you with your concrete flat-work project in Arvada, CO it is important to feel comfortable with who you go with! And to make sure our customers feel comfortable with us as we come out to help you create a new driveway, we offer free estimates on all work we offer.

We can come out and give an estimate on pouring a new driveway, sidewalk, walkway, patio, or garage floor for your Arvada home.

We are concrete specialists that know how to do a job on time and on budget. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will work to get your job done right!

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Why go with polyurethane foam jacking

Choosing to go with polyurethane foam over mudjacking to lift your sunk concrete is a good idea.

Mudjacking is done with a sand based material mixed with Portland cement. It is pumped under the slab to raise it up back to being level. The weight of the mudjacking material is about 100lbs. per cubic foot. Compare that to our polyurethane foam that is 2lbs. per cubic foot.

Our polyurethane foam also requires smaller holes be drilled into the surface and can last many years longer than a mudjacked job. We’re talking 8-10 years for mudjacking vs. 1000 years for poly foam filling. Poly filled foam tends to have a cleaner, more polished product!

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    Costs of polyurethane foam jacking

    When thinking about repairing or replacing your concrete slab that has sunk in your Arvada, CO home, you may be wondering about the costs. Typically the cost to raise or lift your concrete is going to be 1/2 the cost of replacing. It also can be done in a shorter time-frame for most jobs.

    Most of the time, Poly foam jacking costs $5-$25 per square foot. So you can take the size of whatever slab you’re needing done (i.e. 10 X 10 is 100 sq feet) and multiply by $5 at a minimum and $25 maximum to get a rough estimate of costs.

    However, to get an accurate assessment of your project and the true costs, we offer free estimates for all projects. Give us a call at 720-802-4055 to set up your no hassle, no obligation appointment.