Arvada’s premier concrete raising pros

Premier Concrete Raising Pros are your go-to concrete contractor when you need any concrete raised that has sunk for any reason. Our team of expert concrete raising professionals in Arvada, CO and surrounding metro area have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to diagnose your concrete issue and resolve it with a less expensive and less time intensive solution than replacing your concrete.

Don’t replace your concrete, raise it!

Our concrete professionals have been serving the Denver metro area for many years and can be trusted to give you honest advice with a fair price to fix your sunken concrete.

Our #1 priority is client satisfaction! And nothing satisfies us more than helping you, our client, save time and money with raising your concrete instead of replacing it. Whether it’s your garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, patio, porch, steps, stamped concrete, or garage approach, we can raise it for you. No need to fix it, raise it!

concrete raising contractor
Don’t replace your sunk or cracked concrete, raise it!

The Premier Concrete Raising Pros Difference

What sets us apart from our competition apart from our great customer service, is our polyurethane foam that we use for each and every concrete raising project in Arvada, CO and surrounding cities.

We use the best foam on the market today which is HMI foam. What do we mean by best?

  • We mean that it is the top-of-the-line eco-friendly material.
  • It requires smaller holes be drilled than other concrete raising methods with minimal patchwork required.
  • It is ready for use by you and your family immediately after we are done.
  • It’s a superior material compared to traditional mud jacking by being lighter in weight yet never losing it’s density. Polyurethane foam weighs only 2 lbs. per cubic foot while mudjacking material weighs an average of 100lb.s per cubic foot.
  • We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our product and work. No one else offers this.

Premier Concrete Raising Pros Services

Residential Concrete Raising

Completed raised concrete patio job.

This is our bread and butter, our secret sauce, and our A team. We are experts at raising concrete back to levels that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also foundationally necessary to protect your largest and most precious investment, your home.

Residential Concrete Flatwork

Concrete driveway

Here at Premier Concrete Raising Pros in Arvada, CO, we can also handle helping you with all your concrete projects. Jobs like installing a new concrete patio, new concrete driveway, or walkways. Like we’ve said, our bread and butter is lifting concrete back to where it should be, but we have the experience and know how to also help you with your other concrete projects you have.

Commercial Concrete Raising

We can level or resurface parking lots

Our commercial concrete raising services work for any apartment complex, factory floor, parking lot, or even airport runway. There is no concrete job that is too big for us to take on and complete in Arvada or surrounding Denver city suburb.

Commercial Foam Filling

Fill in old mine shafts no longer in use

Our foam is the best on the market for any commercial foam filling project. Since it can flow for 100 feet before expanding, it’s perfect for filling in mine shafts, wells, oil wells, culverts, or sink holes. If you are in need of filling in one of these areas, give us a call.

Municipal and D.O.T Concrete Raising

We’re experts at raising concrete in parks

We are experts in helping with municipal or department of transportation concrete raising jobs. Concrete on school grounds, city parks, city sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streets, roads, and highways can all be lifted if it has been cracked or sunken concrete.

Concrete Raising Saves You Money

Raising concrete (or sometimes called concrete leveling or concrete lifting) instead of replacing concrete is much less expensive and can help your situation more. When you put in new concrete, it almost always settles. This settling can take years.

So, if you have concrete that has settled and sunk and you replace it with new concrete, that starts the clock over again on it settling. Since settling happens because of an underlying issue with the soil underneath the concrete, putting new concrete down does nothing to address that problem.

How Concrete Raising Is Done

Super simple process. When we raise concrete, we first drill the smallest holes we can (about 5/8 inch wide). Compare that to mudjacking holes which are 1 5/8 inch wide. We then use the BEST polyurethane foam in the industry to pump under the slab.

The voids under the slab are filled which raises the slab. Lastly, we fill the drilled holes with a concrete mixture, smooth them out, and let them dry to complete the process.

You can use the concrete surface that same day as well. Your kids can play on the driveway or walkway. And you can drive your car back into the garage once we have raised your garage floor slab.

All types and forms of concrete slabs can be raised. And all solid slabs of concrete can be raised and stabilized. There are few types of surfaces that we can not raise, like gravel areas, blacktop, and pavers sitting in sand. However, we are able to stabilize the soil underneath with what’s called Deep Foamjection.

Patio slab that has been raised back to its original level.

Reasons To Raise Your Slab

There are a few reasons to raise your concrete slab.

  • Safety – Un-level concrete can cause trip hazards and other dangerous situations that cause unnecessary liability.
  • Cost – Raising concrete can be less than half the cost of replacement.
  • Time – Slab problems only get worse over time. Fix it now by calling us at 720-802-4055. Raisin concrete with polyurethane foam only takes a few hours and is ready to use immediately after completing.
  • Structural Damage – Not only does a settled concrete slab cause problems for the patio, driveway, or walkway it’s located on. If left untreated, it can affect other structural elements of the house like windows, doors, and the foundation.

When You Need Concrete Raising

Typically if you see cracks in the concrete, pooling water, or the obvious one of concrete pulling away from your foundation or patio, you need to think about addressing the problem.

And addressing it quickly! Any time you take will not make the problem go away, but instead will most likely make it worse. The quicker you can get us out to look at the situation, the better and most money saving it will be for you.

Usually seeing these issues is not due to your foundation or patio being the problem. It means that the soil underneath may have erroded, settled, or moved to where the concrete slab has also started to move.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“Technicians were very professional and the work looked great! Other companies were telling me I’d have to wait until spring, but they came the next day after I accepted the proposal. They weren’t the cheapest bid that I got, but they were also far from the most expensive. I highly recommend them, and I will be using them again for the sinking slabs in my basement.” – T.M.

“My driveway looks amazing! I will be contacting them again soon for more projects.” – M.O.

“They gave me their “Bid”, scheduled the work, did an excellent job, cleaned up after they finished AND thanked me for using their services. What more could you ask?” – G.M.

Concrete Raising Turn Around Time

The best thing about having your cracked concrete raised instead of replaced in or near Arvada, CO, is the quick turn around time of your project from start to finish. Once we have come out to your home or business and given you our free quote and you’ve scheduled time to get your concrete leveled, we will come out and complete the job, typically in one day.

And once our trained and professional staff has raised your concrete, you will be able to play on, drive on, and use your concrete surface almost immediatly! No need to have a crew working at your house for days or weeks tearing out and replacing your sunk patio, making a huge mess and keeping you from using your space for an extended amount of time.

Concrete Raising Near Me

Service Areas for Premier Concrete Raising Pros

We’re located in Arvada but we raise concrete all over the Denver metro and front range areas. Specifically we do concrete in Arvada, Denver, Aurora, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Commerce City, Brighton, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker, Englewood, Broomfield, and Boulder. And if we have missed listing out your city here, just know that we cover and work the entire front range in Colorado including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Monument, and anywhere in between Fort Collins down to the Springs. So yes, we can help you and your family, and we are excited to do so!

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